jambonz => websocket server

A verb:hook message is sent by jambonz to the websocket server when an action hook or event hook configured for a verb has been triggered (e.g. a “gather” verb has collected an utterance from the user).

property type meaning required
type string "verb:hook" indicates this is an error notification from jambonz yes
msgid string unique message identifier yes
call_sid string unique call identifier yes
b3 string open telemetry span identifier for this call (only provided if otel tracing is enabled) no
hook string url of hook that was providing in the eventHook or actionHook property yes
data object data payload describing the event yes
  "type": "verb:hook",
  "msgid": "cvY6kNE8RXdaZdaDcJbViG",
  "call_sid": "aad0115d-ec21-40db-aa02-31b7b01540c5",
  "b3": "18228daa536f82e0ec29074e7bf47b89-dd3bdf1f177f2995-1",
  "hook": "voice",
  "data": {
    "speech": {
      "is_final": true,
      "transcripts": [
          "is_final": true,
          "language_code": "en-US",
          "alternatives": [
              "confidence": 0.91916794,
              "transcript": "I'd like to book a car"
    "reason": "speechDetected",
    "call_sid": "aad0115d-ec21-40db-aa02-31b7b01540c5",
    "direction": "inbound",
    "from": "+15083084809",
    "to": "+15083728363",
    "call_id": "fc5f8190-718a-123b-e6ba-023fd61c5256",
    "sip_status": 200,
    "sip_reason": "OK",
    "call_status": "in-progress",
    "account_sid": "4bfe85c1-96bb-4af7-ac83-68fe7ebd562d",
    "trace_id": "18228daa536f82e0ec29074e7bf47b89",
    "application_sid": "3badbf0f-e778-44bb-a89a-dc2ca31f2f9c",
    "fs_sip_address": "",
    "originating_sip_ip": "",
    "originating_sip_trunk_name": "Twilio - Dave trunk",
    "api_base_url": ""

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