Welcome, developers!

jambonz is an open-source CPaaS platform that is primarily designed for use by communications service providers.

As an API-driven platform, you will primarily interface with it using Webhooks and REST APIs. Our client SDKs include a Node.js SDK SDK as well as Node-RED plugins.

There are two ways to run jambonz:

  • use our hosted platform (you can create a free account), or
  • self-host your own jambonz system using the open-source distribution.

Pro tip: Start by creating a free account on the hosted platform because you can start testing immediately. You can always build a self-hosted platform later and migrate your applications seamlessly.

In these pages you will find information about our SDKs and APIs, along with some useful tips for getting started on the hosted platform along with tutorials describing how to perform common tasks.

As always, if you can't find the information you are looking for, please email us at support@jambonz.org and we'll be glad to help!