The conference verb places a call into a conference.

    "verb": "conference",
    "name": "test",
    "beep": true,
    "startConferenceOnEnter": false,
    "waitHook": "/confWait",
    "enterHook": "/confEnter"   

You can use the following attributes in the conference command:

option description required
actionHook A webhook to call when the conference ends no
beep if true, play a beep tone to the conference when caller enters (default: false) no
endConferenceOnExit if true, end the conference when this caller hangs up (default: false) no
enterHook A webhook to retrieve something to play or say to the caller just before they are put into a conference after waiting for it to start no
joinMuted if true, this caller will join th conference with their audio muted no
maxParticipants maximum number of participants that will be allowed in the conference no
name name of the conference yes
startConferenceOnEnter if true, start the conference only when this caller enters. This also designates this caller as a moderator of the conference (default: true) no
statusHook A webhook to call with conference status events no
statusEvents An array of events for which the statusHook should be called to. See below for details. no
waitHook A webhook to retrieve commands to play or say while the caller is waiting for the conference to start no

Conference status events:

  • 'start': the conference has started
  • 'end': the conference has ended
  • 'join': a participant has joined the conference
  • 'leave': a participant has left the conference
  • 'start-talking': a participant started speaking
  • 'end-talking': a participant stopped talking

Conference status webhooks will contain the following additional parameters:

  • conferenceSid: a unique identifier for the conference
  • friendlyName: the name of the conference as specified in the application
  • event: the conference event being reported (e.g. "join")
  • time: the time of the event in ISO format (e.g. "2020-04-27T13:44:17.336Z")
  • members: the current number of members in the conference
  • duration: the current length of the conference in seconds

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