Commercial Support

If you are hosting your own jambonz platform, please consider purchasing one of our commercial support plans. We provide on-call support, assistance in initial setup and tuning, and prioritization of your bug fixes and feature requests.

  • If jambonz is a mission-critical element of your business strategy, then having a support contract in place with the team that built it and knows it best is a must-have.
  • If you chose jambonz because the open source format enables you to drive more innovation into your voice products, then working directly with the jambonz team will make you go faster and further than your competition.
  • And frankly, support revenue is the key means of funding the project so if you want jambonz to be a sustainable, long-term solution, then purchasing a support plan is the best way to ensure that happens.

We offer a variety of support options: single system, cluster, and premium support. Please review the options to see what suits you best. If you have special needs or want to engage us for a consulting project, please email us at