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Build unique voice solutions, faster.

jambonz is the open source CPaaS
built for communications service providers.
  • Adapts to your needs
    Designed to plug-and-play with your chosen carriers and tech stack.
  • Privacy comes first
    Our innovative design means that your customers' most sensitive personal information is never stored on our systems.
  • Open source
    We work in the open, so that you can see all that we do and can gain the greatest value from our products.
  • Reliable
    Built by a team that has been delivering five 9’s products to telcos since VoIP was a thing.

Have you found yourself asking this question:

“Do I buy a commercial platform/service?
Or do I roll my own using open source?”

Buy commercial

pay $$$ for every change
EOL = end of my business

Roll your own

cheaper up front, but:
stitched-together “one off” open source = overly complex and brittle
multiple dependencies to manage and track
solution uniqueness
= no community
= no flow of new features/fixes
costly to manage over time
complete open source (MIT License)
connect to our cloud service OR deploy on your own infrastructure
vibrant community of users and contributors
designed for simplicity and integrates with your existing tech stack
five 9's reliability coupled with excellent customer service

The “bring your own everything” CPaaS

Your infrastructure. Your SIP trunks. Your storage. Your cloud.
Why pay someone to upcharge you for all of that when it’s basically a one-click experience to provision all of those yourself in today's world. You know how to click, right?