The 'lex' verb connects a call to an Amazon Lex V2 bot.

  "verb": "lex",
  "botId": "MTLNerCD9L",
  "botAliasId": "z5yY1iYykE",
  "region": "us-east-1",
  "locale": "en_US",
  "credentials": {
    "accessKey": "XXXX",
    "secretAccessKey": "YYYY"
  "passDtmf": true,
  "intent": "BookHotel",
  "metadata": {
    "slots": {
      "Location": "Los Angeles"
    "context": {
      "callerId": "+15083084909",
      "customerName": "abc company"
  "tts": {
    "vendor": "Google",
    "language": "en-US",
    "voice": "en-US-Wavenet-C"
  "eventHook": "/lex-events"

The following features are supported:

  • optionally specify an initial, or "welcome" intent,
  • pre-fill slot values for the initial intent,
  • provide text for a spoken welcome message at the start of the conversation,
  • play lex-generated audio, or use text-to-speech with either AWS/Polly or Google voices,
  • receive real-time notifications of intents and transcriptions as the conversation progresses, and
  • provide arbitrary context data to the lex backend to help guide the flow.

You can use the following options in the lex verb:

option description required
botId Lex bot ID yes
botAlias Lex bot alias ID yes
credentials AWS credentials yes
credentials.accessKey AWS access key id yes
credentials.secretAccessKey AWS secret access key id yes
region AWS region bot is running in yes
locale language code of speaker (currently supported languages:
en_AU, en_GB, en_US, fr_CA, fr_FR, es_ES, es_US, it_IT)
eventHook A webhook to invoke when a Lex event occurs (e.g intent detected, transcription, etc) no
intent initial intent to trigger (i.e. "welcome intent") no
welcomeMessage text for a welcome message to play to the caller no
noInputTimeout timeout in millseconds Lex will wait for a response before triggering fallback intent no
tts if provided, playback will use text-to-speech rather than Lex-generated audio no
tts.vendor 'aws', 'Google', or 'default' no
tts.language language identifier or 'default' no
tts.voice voice identifier or 'default' no
metadata initial slot values and context data no
metadata.slots key-value pairs for slot names and initial values to be pre-filled no
metadata.context key-value pairs for context data to pass to Lex bot no
metadata['x-amz-lex:channels:platform'] name of voice platform no

The eventHook webhook will contain two parameters: event and data. The event parameter identifies the specific event and the data parameter is an object containng event data associated with the event. The following events are supported:

  • intent: Lex detected an intent
  • transcription: a speech transcription was returned from Lex
  • response-text: Lex returned a response in the form of text
  • dmtf: a dtmf key was pressed by the caller
  • start-play: an audio segment returned from Lex or TTS started to play
  • stop-play: an audio segment returned from Lex or TTS completing playing
  • play-interrupted: an audio segment was interrupted

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