Added in v0.7.6

The sip:request action is used to send a SIP INFO, NOTIFY, or MESSAGE request on an established call leg, i.e. an in-dialog request. This allows an application to send arbitrary SIP messages during a call; e.g. to transmit metadata to the calling sip endpoint using a SIP INFO message.

  "verb": "sip:request",
  "method": "INFO",
  "headers": {
    "X-Metadata": "my sip metadata"
  "actionHook": "/info"

You can use the following options in the sip:request action:

option description required
method SIP method, should be one of INFO, MESSAGE, or NOTIFY yes
headers an object containing headers (key-value) to include with the SIP request no
body the body of the SIP request, if any no
actionHook a webhook to call when the sip request has completed no

The sip:request verb completes when a response is received from the far end. The actionHook provides the status code of the sip response:

  • result: 'success' or 'failed'
  • sipStatus: sip status code of response
  • err: error message, in the case of failure

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