Custom speech API

Added in 0.8.2

jambonz natively supports a large number of STT and TTS speech providers out of the box, but if you want to use a speech provider that we don't support: no propblem! You can also add support for new speech vendors using our Speech APIs:

Adding support for a new STT or TTS vendor requires you to implement a server process that implements our APIs as described above, and integrates on the other side with your chosen vendor. Check out this example code which shows how to integrate AssemblyAI as custom STT vendor, among others.

Once you have added support for a new vendor, you can start using it immediately by logging into the jambonz portal and adding a new Speech service for that vendor. You will specify the URL(s) that your server exposes as well as an api key that you create to secure the endpoint:

Creating custom STT vendor

Then, in the Application view simply select your custom vendor:

Selecting custom speech vendor