TADHack 2023
Developer resources

jambonz is excited as ever to sponsor TADHACK 2023. For those developers that wish to create a hack using jambonz, all you need to do is to go to jambonz.cloud and create a free account. You will get a free 3-week trial and to extend it beyond that simply email us at support@jambonz.org when your trial expires. Let us know you are part of TADHACK and we will renew it for you through the hackathon.

If you can, take a few moments to watch this video which will show you the basics of setting up your account on jambonz.cloud.

Other videos that may be helpful if you are getting started on jambonz:

And, of course, please refer to to our docs page and api docs.

Oh, and if you prefer, you can also build a jambonz application using websockets instead of webhooks. So lots of choices.

Most Importantly join our Slack community by going to joinslack.jambonz.org so you can ask for help before or during the hackathon from the jambonz team as well as the broader community.

Good hacking! Make something fun!

~ The jambonz team ~