The gather command is used to collect dtmf or speech input.

  "verb": "gather",
  "actionHook": "",
  "input": ["digits", "speech"],
  "bargein": true,
  "dtmfBargein": true,
  "finishOnKey": "#",
  "numDigits": 5,
  "timeout": 8,
  "recognizer": {
    "vendor": "Google",
    "language": "en-US",
    "hints": ["sales", "support"],
    "hintsBoost": 10
  "say": {
    "text": "To speak to Sales press 1 or say Sales.  To speak to customer support press 2 or say Support",
    "synthesizer": {
      "vendor": "Google",
      "language": "en-US"

You can use the following options in the gather command:

option description required
actionHook Webhook POST to invoke with the collected digits or speech. The payload will include a 'speech' or 'dtmf' property along with the standard attributes. See below for more detail. yes
actionHookDelayAction object, see here for details. no
bargein allow speech bargein, i.e. kill audio playback if caller begins speaking no
dtmfBargein allow dtmf bargein, i.e. kill audio playback if caller enters dtmf no
finishOnKey Dmtf key that signals the end of input no
input Array, specifying allowed types of input: ['digits'], ['speech'], or ['digits', 'speech']. Default: ['digits'] no
interDigitTimeout Amount of time to wait between digits after minDigits have been entered. no
listenDuringPrompt if false, do not listen for user speech until say or play has completed. Defaults to true no
minBargeinWordCount if bargein is true, only kill speech when this many words are spoken. Defaults to 1 no
minDigits Minimum number of dtmf digits expected to gather. Defaults to 1. no
maxDigits Maximum number of dtmf digits expected to gather no
numDigits Exact number of dtmf digits expected to gather no
partialResultHook Webhook to send interim transcription results to. Partial transcriptions are only generated if this property is set. no
play nested play Command that can be used to prompt the user no
fillerNoise play audio to the caller while the remote application is processing gather transcriptions. See Using filler noise for more details. no
fillerNoise.enable boolean, whether to enable or disable filler noise yes
fillerNoise.url http(s) audio to play as filler noise yes
fillerNoise.startDelaySecs integer value specifying number of seconds to wait for a response from the remote recognizer

In the case of speech input, the actionHook payload will include a speech object with the response from Google speech:

"speech": {
			"stability": 0,
			"is_final": true,
			"alternatives": [{
				"confidence": 0.858155,
				"transcript": "sales please"

In the case of digits input, the payload will simple include a digits property indicating the dtmf keys pressed:

"digits": "0276"

Note: an HTTP POST will be used for both the action and the partialResultCallback since the body may need to contain nested JSON objects for speech details.

Note: the partialResultCallback web callback should not return content; any returned content will be discarded.

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