websocket server => jambonz

A command message is sent by the websocket server to jambonz when the server wants to asynchronously provide a new set of instructions to jambonz.

property type meaning required
type string "command" indicates this is a command message yes
command string describes the action to take, see allowed commands below yes
queueCommand boolean if true, queue this command until previous commands are completed; otherwise, interrupt and flush all previous commands and execute this command immediately no
data array or object data pertaining to the requested command yes

The command property must be one of the values shown below.

Note: redirect is the most commonly-used value.

command value meaning data requirements
redirect execute the application provided data must be an array of jambonz verbs; i.e. a jambonz application.
call:status change the call status (e.g. hangup the call) data must include a call_status property with a value of 'completed' or 'no-answer'
mute:status mute or unmute the call data must include a mute_status property with a value of 'mute' or 'unmute'
conf:mute-status mute or unmute all non-moderator conference legs data must include a conf_mute_status property with a value of either 'mute' or 'unmute'
conf:hold-status place a conference leg on hold or take off hold data must include a conf_hold_status property with a value of either 'hold' or 'unhold'
listen:status Change the status of a listen stream data must include a listen_status property with a value of 'pause' or 'resume'
record manage call recording that is done via SIPREC to a remote recording server data must include an action with one of "startCallRecording", "stopCallRecording", "pauseCallRecording", or "resumeCallRecording". When starting a recording you must also supply "recordingID" and "siprecServerURL". You may optionally supply a headers object with custom headers to be sent to the remote SIPREC recording server.
whisper Play a whisper prompt to the caller (i.e only one party hears the prompt) data must include a whisper property that can be an array of say or play verbs
sip:request Send a SIP INFO, NOTIFY, or MESSAGE request to the far end party data must include a 'method' property (allowed values: 'INFO', 'NOTIFY', 'MESSAGE') and can include 'content_type', 'content', and 'headers' properties.
dub add, remove or operate on a dub track. The data must include the properties defined for the dub verb

Note: In the data payload when redirect is used, each jambonz verb in the data array may optionally include an id property. If present, jambonz will provide verb:status notifications when the verb starts and ends execution.

  "type": "command",
  "command": "redirect",
  "queueCommand": true,
  "data": [
      "say": {
        "id": "b5e39996",
        "text": "Hello it's me Mario"

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