Release v0.8.5
  • Release Date: Nov 10, 2023
  • Deployed in Helm chart release 0.1.33
New Features
  • Add new speech vendors: Cobalt (STT), AssemblyAI (STT), Whisper (TTS), ElevenLabs (TTS)
  • Support Docker containers for Azure speech
  • Support custom voices on google
  • Add ability to use a fallback speech vendor in case of error.
  • Add support for speechSegmentationSilenceTimeoutMs for Microsoft Azure STT
  • Optionally trim silence from Azure TTS
  • Implement fastRecognitionTimeout to enable overriding speech vendor silence timeout used when determining the end of an utterance 448
  • Add support for deepgram options smartFormatting and utteranceEndMs
  • Calculate and show speech recognition latency in call recording view
  • Add API to generate audio file from text using saved speech vendors 252
  • Additional storage options for call recording: AWS compatible, Google cloud storage, Azure cloud storageq
  • Add ability to pause and resume transcribe
  • Add support for sending SIPREC to multiple SIPREC servers simultaneously
  • Add continuous ASR support to transcribe verb.
  • Allow an account to use multiple instances of the same speech vendor by assigning a unique label to each.
  • Enable customized music on hold
  • Allow use of tag in SIPREC application
  • Allow custom headers to be passed when using SIPREC for recording
  • Transcribe verb supports custom speech vendor
  • Add option to prevent forwarding of P-Asserted-Identity header 460
  • Add support for sending webhook requests through http proxy
  • referHook on dial can now return an application which will be executed on the other leg (e.g. receive a REFER from A leg and run an application to dial the B leg to a new party C)
  • Allow tag verb in waitHook response
  • Allow pause verb in confirmHook on dial
  • Integration with webrtc chrome extension to allow direct calling to apps, users, and queues
  • Add option for padding crypto attributes in SDP when outdialing using SRTP
  • Add support for speciyfing a redis sentinel password 239
Bug fixes
  • fix background listen request used for recording #391
  • execute status callback async 394
  • fix exception that appears in logs if session ends before last call status update
  • fix snake case issue on customer data in webhooks 409
  • outdial failure causes session to hang 411
  • call status event was delayed when stopping background listen 413
  • disable bi-directional audio on listen verbs used for call recording 415
  • generate trace id before outdial so we can include it in custom header 418
  • speech vendor missing in opentelemetry span 437
  • fix bug with database caching 443
  • caller should be able to enter more than one conference 350
  • fixes from deepgram testing
  • fix dialogflow TTS bug 518
  • better logging of DNS errors
  • Allow sip port to be null on outbound sip gateways, since this will trigger a DNS SRV request to determine ip and port
  • Allow a top-level FQDN as an outbound sip gateway host 336
SQL changes

The following schema changes were made in this release:

DROP INDEX speech_credentials_idx_1 ON speech_credentials;
ALTER TABLE speech_credentials ADD COLUMN label VARCHAR(64);
ALTER TABLE applications ADD COLUMN speech_synthesis_label VARCHAR(64);
ALTER TABLE applications ADD COLUMN speech_recognizer_label VARCHAR(64);
ALTER TABLE applications ADD COLUMN use_for_fallback_speech BOOLEAN DEFAULT false;
ALTER TABLE applications ADD COLUMN fallback_speech_synthesis_vendor VARCHAR(64);
ALTER TABLE applications ADD COLUMN fallback_speech_synthesis_language VARCHAR(12);
ALTER TABLE applications ADD COLUMN fallback_speech_synthesis_voice VARCHAR(64);
ALTER TABLE applications ADD COLUMN fallback_speech_synthesis_label VARCHAR(64);
ALTER TABLE applications ADD COLUMN fallback_speech_recognizer_vendor VARCHAR(64);
ALTER TABLE applications ADD COLUMN fallback_speech_recognizer_language VARCHAR(64);
ALTER TABLE applications ADD COLUMN fallback_speech_recognizer_label VARCHAR(64);
CREATE TABLE google_custom_voices
google_custom_voice_sid CHAR(36) NOT NULL UNIQUE ,
speech_credential_sid CHAR(36) NOT NULL,
model VARCHAR(512) NOT NULL,
PRIMARY KEY (google_custom_voice_sid)
CREATE INDEX google_custom_voice_sid_idx ON google_custom_voices (google_custom_voice_sid);
CREATE INDEX speech_credential_sid_idx ON google_custom_voices (speech_credential_sid);
ALTER TABLE google_custom_voices ADD FOREIGN KEY speech_credential_sid_idxfk (speech_credential_sid) REFERENCES speech_credentials (speech_credential_sid) ON DELETE CASCADE;
ALTER TABLE clients ADD COLUMN allow_direct_queue_calling BOOLEAN NOT NULL DEFAULT 1;
ALTER TABLE clients ADD COLUMN allow_direct_user_calling BOOLEAN NOT NULL DEFAULT 1;
ALTER TABLE clients ADD COLUMN allow_direct_app_calling BOOLEAN NOT NULL DEFAULT 1;
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  • Deploy to Kubernetes using this Helm chart

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