The transcribe verb is used to send real time transcriptions of speech to a web callback.

The transcribe command is only allowed as a nested verb within a dial or listen verb. Using transcribe in a dial command allows a long-running transcription of a phone call to be made, while nesting within a listen verb allows transcriptions of recorded messages (e.g. voicemail).

  "verb": "transcribe",
  "transcriptionHook": "",
  "recognizer": {
    "vendor": "Google",
    "language" : "en-US",
    "interim": true

You can use the following options in the transcribe command:

option description required
recognizer.dualChannel if true, transcribe the parent call as well as the child call no
recognizer.interim if true interim transcriptions are sent no (default: false)
recognizer.language language to use for speech transcription yes
recognizer.profanityFilter if true, filter profanity from speech transcription. Default: no no
recognizer.vendor speech vendor to use (currently only Google supported) no
transcriptionHook webhook to call when a transcription is received. Due to the richness of information in the transcription an HTTP POST will always be sent. yes

Note: the dualChannel property is not currently implemented.

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