The transcribe verb is used to send real time transcriptions of speech to a web callback.

The transcribe command is only allowed as a nested verb within a dial or listen verb. Using transcribe in a dial command allows a long-running transcription of a phone call to be made, while nesting within a listen verb allows transcriptions of recorded messages (e.g. voicemail).

  "verb": "transcribe",
  "transcriptionHook": "",
  "recognizer": {
    "vendor": "Google",
    "language" : "en-US",
    "interim": true

You can use the following options in the transcribe command:

option description required
recognizer.vendor Speech vendor to use (google, aws, or microsoft) no
recognizer.language Language code to use for speech detection. Defaults to the application level setting, or 'en-US' if not set no
recognizer.interim If true interim transcriptions are sent no (default: false)
recognizer.vad.enable If true, delay connecting to cloud recognizer until speech is detected no
recognizer.vad.voiceMs If vad is enabled, the number of milliseconds of speech required before connecting to cloud recognizer no
recognizer.vad.mode If vad is enabled, this setting governs the sensitivity of the voice activity detector; value must be between 0 to 3 inclusive, lower numbers mean more sensitive no
recognizer.separateRecognitionPerChannel If true, recognize both caller and called party speech no
recognizer.altLanguages (google/microsoft only) An array of alternative languages that the speaker may be using no
recognizer.punctuation (google only) Enable automatic punctuation no
recognizer.enhancedModel (google only) Use enhanced model no
recognizer.words (google only) Enable word offsets no
recognizer.diarization (google only) Enable speaker diarization no
recognizer.diarizationMinSpeakers (google only) Set the minimum speaker count no
recognizer.diarizationMaxSpeakers (google only) Set the maximum speaker count no
recognizer.interactionType (google only) Set the interaction type: discussion, presentation, phone_call, voicemail, professionally_produced, voice_search, voice_command, dictation no
recognizer.naicsCode (google only) set an industry NAICS code that is relevant to the speech no
recognizer.hints (google and microsoft only) Array of words or phrases to assist speech detection no
recognizer.hintsBoost (google only) Number indicating the strength to assign to the configured hints no
recognizer.profanityFilter (google only) If true, filter profanity from speech transcription . Default: no no
recognizer.vocabularyName (aws only) The name of a vocabulary to use when processing the speech. no
recognizer.vocabularyFilterName (aws only) The name of a vocabulary filter to use when processing the speech. no
recognizer.filterMethod (aws only) The method to use when filtering the speech: remove, mask, or tag. no
recognizer.identifyChannels (aws only) Enable channel identification. no
recognizer.profanityOption (microsoft only) masked, removed, or raw. Default: raw no
recognizer.outputFormat (microsoft only) simple or detailed. Default: simple no
recognizer.requestSnr (microsoft only) Request signal to noise information no
recognizer.initialSpeechTimeoutMs (microsoft only) Initial speech timeout in milliseconds no
recognizer.transcriptionHook Webhook to receive an HTPP POST when an interim or final transcription is received. yes
recognizer.asrTimeout timeout value for continuous ASR feature no
recognizer.asrDtmfTerminationDigit DMTF key that terminates continuous ASR feature no

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