The say command is used to send synthesized speech to the remote party. The text provided may be either plain text or may use SSML tags. The following vendors are supported: google, microsoft, aws, nuance, nvidia, ibm, and wellsaid; along with any others you add via the custom speech API.

  "verb": "say",
  "text": "hi there!",
  "synthesizer" : {
    "vendor": "google",
    "language": "en-US"

You can use the following options in the say action:

option description required
text text to speak; may contain SSML tags yes
synthesizer.vendor speech vendor to use (google, aws, microsoft, nuance, nvidia, and ibm are supported, along with any others you add via the custom speech API) no
synthesizer.language language code to use. no
synthesizer.gender (Google only) MALE, FEMALE, or NEUTRAL. no
synthesizer.voice voice to use. Note that the voice list differs whether you are using aws or Google. Defaults to application setting, if provided. no
loop the number of times a text is to be repeated; 0 means repeat forever. Defaults to 1. no
earlyMedia if true and the call has not yet been answered, play the audio without answering call. Defaults to false no

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