The play command is used to stream recorded audio to a call.

  "verb": "play",
  "url": "",
  "timeoutSecs": 10,
  "seekOffset": 8000,
  "actionHook": "/play/action"

You can use the following options in the play action:

option description required
url a single url or array of urls (will play in sequence) to a wav or mp3 file yes
loop number of times to play the url(s) no (default: 1)
earlyMedia if true and the call has not yet been answered, play the audio without answering call. Defaults to false no
timeoutSecs the number of seconds to play the url no
seekOffset how many samples to seek into the url no
actionHook webhook that is called when the play verb completes no
actionHook properties

The actionHook that is invoked when the play command completes will include the following properties:

property name description
playback_seconds the number of seconds played
playback_milliseconds the number of milliseconds played
playback_last_offset_pos the last offset position in samples

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