TADHack 2022
Jambonz partners with Cognigy!

Over the past year, we have partnered with Cognigy on the creation of their voice gateway product. Cognigy decided to build their own voice gateway platform in order to position themselves to develop advanced voice features for their market. They chose to use jambonz at the core of this new product offering, and we are super excited at what they've created!

TADHack 2022 participants will get an early view of this upcoming release, and will be able to build voice applications in Cognigy's best-in-class low code environment.

Best of all, we are giving away $1,000 to the person or team that builds the best hack!

For a quick taste of what you can do, watch this video.

For the basics of how to get started, watch this one.

To summarize what you need to do:

  • Create a free account on https://jambonz.xyz
  • Email me at dave@jambonz.org (or support@jambonz.org) and we will create a free account for you on Cognigy's platform that you can link to your jambonz account.
  • Watch the videos above, along with Cognigys online training course (I recommend the Foundations class).
  • Hackety-hack hack away and create something new and great!
  • Cash $1,000 check!