Call Recording using SIPREC

jambonz can integrate with external recording platforms using SIPREC. In this scenario, jambonz acts as a SIPREC client and forks the audio streams to send to a configured SIPREC server.

This feature is enabled via the config verb using the record property. This property can be used to start, stop, pause or resume the recording.

  "verb": "config",
  "record": {
    "action": "startCallRecording",
    "siprecServerURL": ""

The available properties are as follows:

option description required
action "startCallRecording", "stopCallRecording", "pauseCallRecording", or "resumeCallRecording" yes
siprecServerURL sip uri for SIPREC server required if action is "startCallRecording"
recordingID user-supplied string to identify the recording no