Release v0.7.6

Release Date: Aug 26, 2022

New Features
  • Added support for call recording via SIPREC (i.e. SIPREC client capability)
  • Added support for agent assist scenarios acting as a SIPREC server
  • Added support for answering machine detection
  • Added support for continuous ASR
  • Added support for sip:request verb, used to send SIP INFO/NOTIFY/MESSAGE during call
  • Added option to send DTMF events over listen socket
  • Accept DTMF via SIP INFO from webrtc clients and transcode into RFC 2833
  • Play verb can accept either a single URL or array of URLs
  • Support for custom headers in outbound REFER requests
  • Switch to faster undici http client for webhooks
  • Alternate languages can now be set at the session level via config verb.
  • createCall REST API can specify speech settings for TTS and STT
  • Update to Azure speech SDK 1.23.0
  • Update to drachtio server 0.8.18
  • Update to rtpengine mr10.5.1.3
Bug fixes
  • Enqueue waitHook was not working
  • Dial verb not ending when call no answer timeout exceeded
  • Fix dockerfile security issues
  • Hold music was being fetched when conference member removed from hold
  • Sending partial transcripts from gather was causing error
  • When bargein is disabled, kill the background gather and do not restart it
  • Aws region was not being passed to aws tts or stt
  • Add alert for jambonz parsing failure
  • Enforce min bargein word count even when we get final transcript
  • Add slight delay when releasing media after call answer, to allow A leg ACK transaction to complete on SBC
  • When releasing media, use asymetric flag so that rtpengine does react to a spurious final packet from freeswitch by incorrectly sending rtp there
  • Adding custom headers to REFER caused preferred hostname on Refer-To to be lost
  • MS Teams warm transfer (invite w/replaces) was broken
  • Increment sdp version on SIPREC reinvite
  • When releasing media anchor from FS, if we are using SRTP on A leg we need to reinvite
  • Make rtpengine transcode if non-preferred codec is selected by far end on outdial
  • When rtpengine restarted it did not come up gracefully

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