Release v0.7.5

Release Date: May 18, 2022

New Features
  • Add support for opentelemetry tracing and Jaeger.
  • rtpengine performance improvements when running on EC2 by building/installing/running the rtpengine kernel module; this also enables additional recording features (e.g. recording all calls directly from rtpengine).
  • Update to Microsoft Azure speech version 1.21, with support for new languages and other features.
  • Add support for auto-detecting language when using Azure STT.
  • Add support for model and singleUtterance properties when using Google STT.
  • Dial: transcribe and listen should be based on the caller (A leg) endpoint.
  • Add ability to edit a speech credential by changing the region (aws or azure).
  • Jambonz portal: add ability to create service provider apikeys.
  • Jambonz portal: add ability to enter phone numbers with wildcards so large blocks of numbers can be handled more easily.
  • Kubernetes: health check improvements
  • Send application defaults for speech in initial webhook
  • CloudFormation: add optional parameter for the DNS name for the deployed jambonz-mini system and configure nginx accordingly.
Bug fixes
  • Implement confirmHook for dial
  • Fix 481 Transaction Does Not Exist error on BYE after successful REFER.
  • Gather: resolve with reason killed prevented task from ending.
  • Gather: don't restart transcribing if task has been killed.
  • Azure stt - if we get no speech detected, listen again.
  • Send error notification over websocket if tts fails.
  • Gather: catch errors when webhook fails.
  • CreateCall needs to work with wss url.
  • ws-requestor: queue outgoing messages if we are in the process of connecting to the remote wss server.
  • Rest dial should exit upon call failure, not after call timeout is reached.
  • Allow call status to be sent before killing rest dial on failure.
  • Outbound rest dial over websocket api needs to send session:new.
  • WsRequestor: reconnect if socket dropped from far end.
  • Emit vad event on partial transcript.
  • Background gather listen only once for vad and other interrupt events.
  • Transcribe: Azure interim transcripts were missing.
  • Transcribe of a dialed call can now occur on both legs.
  • On gather timeout, if at least minDigits are collected, resolve with reason dtmf detected.
  • Retrieve aws_region when getting an AWS speech credential.
  • CreateCall accepts call_hook that is a ws(s) url.
  • Sbc-inbound: memory leak fix.

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