Release v0.7.4

Release Date: Mar 17, 2022

New Features
  • Adds support for using a websocket connection as an alternative to webhooks.
  • config verb was added to allow session-level speech defaults to be manipulated during a call.
  • gather and transcribe now support voice activity detection, which can be used to delay the connection to a speech service until speech is detected. This can reduce the costs of using some speech providers since the connection to the provider is delayed until speech is actually detected.
  • Allow target-level headers on dial verb.
  • Add support for handling incoming SIP REFER while in a dial verb.
  • Additional parameters were added to the gather verb.
  • Add rate limiting of API requests.
  • Add support for redis user/password authentication.
Bug fixes
  • Rest outdial sometimes failed due to req.srf not properly set.
  • When running on kubernetes, use sbc-sip service rather than pinging sbcs.
  • Use registered contact as uri when sending to user.
  • Disable DNS caching on Kubernetes when routing calls from SBC to feature servers to prevent intermittent failures when service endpoints change.

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