Release v0.7.3

Release Date: Feb 11, 2022

New Features
  • Adds support for redis authentication (via JAMBONES_REDIS_USERNAME / JAMBONES_REDIS_PASSWORD env vars).
  • Adds support for voice activity detection to gather and transcribe verbs: if activated, the connection to the speech recognizer will be delayed until speech has been detected. (In some deployments this can save on costs).
  • When using the dial verb with multiple targets, you can specify different custom headers to be used on a per-target basis.
  • Adds overrideTo property to dial verb to allow an outbound call to be placed to a registered user, but provide a different user or extension on the outbound invite. This can be useful for PBXs that register with jambonz under a certain user but can accept calls to a number of different phone numbers or extensions.
  • Adds fs_sip_address and api_base_url in webhook payloads; this aids in troubleshooting and can simplify the coding of webhook apps that also want to use the REST api.
  • Adds fs_public_ip to webhook payload when running in ec2 autoscale group.
Bug fixes
  • Fixes memory leaks resulting from not closing speech synthesizer connections properly.
  • Fixes race condition on hangup that caused duplicate call-status webhooks.
  • Fixes race condition on hangup that sometimes resulted in outbound call attempt even though caller had hung up.
  • Adds missing Azure regions to jambonz portal for speech credentials.

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