Release v0.7.1

Release Date: Dec 29, 2021

New Features
  • default options ping interval to 30s, with env override if desired.
  • dial supports an overideTo property in the target array, which sets a To header on the outbound INVITE to a sip uri which can be different than the called number
Bug fixes
  • Microsoft speech library was not installed properly
  • add SIGTERM and SIGUSR2 signal handers to remove feature server from redis set of active servers
  • lookupAppByPhoneNumber: pass voip_carrier_sid if available
  • support looking up application by regex in addition to exact phone number match
  • use of tag resulted in redis insert failures
  • support dialing numbers less than 8 digits via SIP trunks since a voip_carrier may handle calls that are not actually routed to the PSTN (e.g. PBX)

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