Release v0.7.0

Release Date: Dec 12, 2021

New Features
  • Add support for Microsoft as a speech synthesis and recognition vendor.
  • Add sip:refer verb to support initiating a blind call transfer.
  • Reduce the number of media anchors on bridged calls by removing Freeswitch from media path when possible.
  • Add support for Subspace sip teleports.
  • The say verb now supports loop=forever.
  • REST outdial handles 302 Redirect response and supports overrideTo property.
  • Add support for muting and unmuting non-moderators in a conference.
  • Add support for conference members joining a conference in an initially muted state.
  • SBC SIP and RTP servers now deployed in autoscale groups for improved and easier scalability on AWS.
  • Update to aes-256-cbc algorigthm for encrypting some data.
  • Allow application to specify a SIP trunk for outdial when multiple carriers are configured.
  • Improved UI for adding Carriers.
  • Add support for SIP proxies that add X-Forwarded-For header
Bug fixes
  • enqueue task was only invoking waitUrl a single time.
  • gather task throws an error about missing speech credentials even when only dtmf input is requested.
  • dial task was not clearing max call time when dial completes.
  • remove sensitive info from logs.
  • various bugfixes in gather command.
  • fix error responses for sms.
  • fix Stripe integration bug.
  • fix bug in some re-Invite scenarios.

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