Release v0.6.6

Release Date: Sept 22, 2021

New Features
  • Added support for Rasa integration. Rasa is the premier open-source conversational AI platform. As an open-source alternative, Rasa nicely complements the support jambonz already has for Google Dialogflow and AWS Lex. See the docs for details on how to connect voice calls to Rasa assistants.
  • Added support for bidirectional audio when using the listen verb. You can now send audio back to jambonz through the websocket and drive the user interaction from your websocket server if you prefer.
  • Added support for using Live Call Control/REST to put a party that is in conference on hold, or remove them from hold. While on hold, you can supply a waitHook to send music or speech to the party on hold. See the REST api docs relating to updateCall with the new conf_hold_status property for details.
  • Added support for Dialogflow regional endpoints. You can now connect to Dialogflow agents in AWS regions outside of the US.
  • Added beta support for sending and receiving SMS using the smpp protocol. The webapp now lets you configure BYOC carriers that support SMPP, and use them to send and receive SMS from your applications.
  • Improved support for multi-tenant in the webapp. You can now add carriers and speech either at the account level or the higher-level service provider entity, allowing you support two different use cases: customer brings their own carriers/speech, and service provider provisions carriers and speech that are shared by a group of customers.
Bug fixes
  • race condition: dial call killed just as called party picks up
  • customerData in webhooks was being snake-cased
  • bugfixes for queue events
  • vulnerability fixes
  • establish proper conference start time for parties that have been waiting for conference to start
  • dont request unnecessary scope from google when doing oauth (hosted platform)
  • Available now on
  • Cloudformation templates for AWS available shortly

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