Lead Open Source Developer

drachtio and jambonz are open source projects that have been widely adopted by many companies in the realtime communications space.

  • drachtio is the open source SIP server that is programmable using Node.js and makes it easy for web app developers to build sophisticated SIP server applications.
  • jambonz is the open-source CPaaS that is designed for the needs of communication service providers.

The success of the these projects has enabled us to expand the team, and we are looking to hire an experienced lead developer (C/C++ and Node.js) to work on the core software, to support customer deployments and to take our success to the next level. This is a unique opportunity to join an early-stage open source company, work closely with the founder/creator of the software (that's me - Dave Horton), and take over increasing responsibility for the future direction of the software while building yourself a sustainable career in the open source RTC community.

What you will do

Part of joining a small team means that you will have diverse responsibilities, including:

  • writing software (obviously),
  • doing devops stuff (packaging, CI/CD, etc)
  • developing test automation
  • writing docs
  • helping to grow the open source communities involved with the projects,
  • helping drive the roadmap with your ideas,
  • supporting customers,
  • etc.

Two key points to emphasize:

First, doing a lot of different things means you must be interested and eager to learn new things - we don't expect you to know them all at the start. We need you to come with some skills, but more important to us is how quickly you can learn new things.

Second: that "supporting customers" thing is key. Our success follows that of our customers, so part of everyone's job is helping our customers win, and this can involve some amount of after-hours support in responding to critical production issues.

The core of your job will be adding new features and fixing bugs in the drachtio server and client projects as well as the jambonz projects. We're looking to extend these projects quite dramatically in the upcoming year and you will be a key driver of this work.

What we are looking for

First and foremost, we are looking for someone who:

  • is a good person - meaning: someone that we can count on; someone that is caring, responsible and accountable,
  • has a sense of humor (since we're going to be spending a lot of time together!)
  • is a quick learner; also is a good teacher (we want to learn what you know!)
  • loves writing software; loves making VoIP services; loves seeing customers succeed (because it's more fun to work with people that are passionate!)
  • is a proficient English-language speaker (location can be remote).

Beyond that, here are some technical requirements:

  • Previous experience building VoIP and/or SIP applications is required.
  • Experience with both C/C++ and Node.js (and mastery of at least one of these) is required.
  • Experience using drachtio or jambonz is desirable, but not required.
  • Experience with at least one other RTC open source projects (e.g. Freeswitch, Kamailio, Asterisk, Janus, openSIPs, etc) is highly desirable.
  • Experience with Kubernetes deployments (and related CI/CD practices) is highly desirable.
  • Experience building webRTC client apps is a plus, but not required.
  • Experience with react and react native is a plus, but not required.

We'll also expect to see a lot of your work on github or elsewhere that we can review to get a sense of your skills and experience.

Compensation will be competitive and negotiated based on your level of experience, your location, and your needs.

Still interested after reading all this? Ping me at daveh@drachtio.org and let's start a conversation!