How you contribute

The MIT open source license spells out your legal requirements when using the jambonz software, and these, by design, are minimal.

However, since you are using the software we would expect that you have a vested interest in seeing the project grow more healthy, and the capabilities and reliability of the software improve. To that end, please consider ways that you can help make this happen.

Here are some easy (i.e. no cost) ways you can contribute:

  • Report bugs (open issues on github, or raise them on our slack channel), providing as much detail in possible and offering to help recreate and to test fixes.
  • Offer to help test new or experimental features
  • Have coding skills (Node.js, React, Voip/SIP, or C++)? We'd love your help as a code contributor.
  • Evangelize. Talk the project up to your friends and business contacts. Allow us to use your success stories in our marketing materials.

All of these things can be really helpful in moving a project forward.

There are also several easy ways you can provide direct financial support to the project:

  • Hire us for services: our business model is providing services around jambonz and drachtio, and we are available to assist customers with jambonz deployments as well as custom development of VoIP applications.
  • Sign up for a monthly subscription on - you get a hosted jambonz account while supporting the project.
  • Use our AWS Marketplace offering to build your own jambonz system on AWS.
  • Sponsor us on Github.

Finally, we encourage you to think about supporting open-source RTC projects more generally.

In fact, we don't think you should think of supporting open-source in a purely symmetrical fashion - e.g., "I use project A, so I should figure out how to send money to project A".

We'd encourage you to think asymmetrically. Supporting project A is great, but if you can't manage that, perhaps you can send some of your staff to an open-source conference this year, or maybe even provide sponsorship for one. Or maybe you can allow project A to use your experience publicly as a success story on their web site. The point is, there are many ways to support the overall ecosystem that you are now a part of.

All you need to do, is care.