Open source that we use

We are proud to have built jambonz by standing on the shoulders of some awesome open-source products.

Building an application like jambonz requires curating a selection of the best open source products, and without exception these products have been a delight to work with and are well-supported by talented teams of developers. Please consider supporting them!

product used for license
drachtio application logic and call control MIT
rtpengine media proxy and transcoding GPL v3.0
freeswitch media server MPL v1.1
freeswitch plugins audio integrations (google, AWS, others) MIT
apiban protection from bad SIP traffic GPL v2.0
express HTTP middleware and web framework Creative Commons v3.0
Node.js Javascript runtime MIT
libwebsockets websockets library MIT
mysql provisioning database GPL v2.0 with FOSS Exception
Telegraf metrics agent MIT
Influxdb time series database MIT
Redis key-value store 3-clause BSD
Homer (optional) SIP capture AGPL v3.0*
Postgresl (optional) homer database PostgreSQL License
Grafana (optional) Monitoring dashboard AGPL v3.0

* Note that:

  1. When using Homer (or Grafana) with the AGPL v3 license, any changes that you make to the jambonz source code are not considered a "covered work" by that license, as the two programs are not linked.
    TLDR: any changes you make to jambonz source code remain under the more permissive MIT license
  2. QXIP, the creator of Homer and the HEP protocol, also offer a non-GPL option (HEPIC) that is specifically designed for the needs of large-scale telcos and Communications Service Providers. We highly recommend it to those who need a carrier-class monitoring and SIP capture solution.
  3. If, after reading the above, you (or the company you work for) are still scared off by the AGPL v3 license, and are not interested in HEPIC (have you checked it out?), then know that neither Homer nor Grafana are required components of jambonz - simply don't install them, or remove if already installed.