How we contribute

Of course, our main contribution to the open-source ecosystem has been to create the jambonz and drachtio projects, and to make them freely available under the MIT License. As part of this, we provide an extensive amount of unpaid support by responding to issues on github, email or our slack channel.

However, we are also a consumer of open-source products, and we believe that we have a responsibility to try to find additional ways to support the RTC open-source ecosystem where possible.

To that end, this year we are sponsoring TADHack Global 2021, providing both funds for prize money as well as free services for participants. Depending on the covid situation, we hope to travel to Orlando to attend in person.

We have also sponsored other conferences in the past, including the wonderful CommCon conference in the UK (run by the awesome Dan Jenkins of Nimble Ape), and have attended and spoken at other open-source conferences, including SimCon.

We provided a small amount of funding this year to help support the openSIPS security audit via their gofundme initiative.

And, finally, last but not least, we tried to purchase enough yummy baked goods last year to help save the awesome Bearkery Bakery, which was run by one of the best people in the RTC community, Fred Posner. Ultimately, we were defeated by the pandemic, but we don't regret a moment of the effort (gurgle, burp).